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Nov 21, 2020

  As I type the date into the post, I realized today is November 21st. Nearly a quarter-century ago, the eight junior high school students made the faithful trip to the park on a lucky day off from school. Thus began a drama that is unfolding to this date. It has been eight weeks since my last post. The world seems to have gone mad. Let's start from big to small. There is no life on Venus, likely an observation or math error. Biden won the presidency, but Trump refused to concede COVID-19 case has skyrocketed. The 2nd wave is here. Amanda has been in Remote Learning on the iPads now for 50 school days today. I am finishing up project 14 today; this puts me at day 73 of the 100 days of Swift.  -- Day 82: Completing 73 - Project 14, part six Day 50 of remote learning for Amanda.

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