Bugs of Big Sur Beta 8

 Hit a horrible bug in Big Sur Beta 8.  Finder becomes unresponsive when I click on any file icon.  The Spotlight search does not work, so I can not use it to launch applications.  The Security and Privacy panel system configuration panel does not open, so I can't use any non-app store downloaded apps.  For two days, I hopped along with the half-functional Alfred 4, terminal commands, and a butt load of Finders' forced relaunch.  I have tried everything: killall and delete plist files, mdutil, boot into safe mode, disable csrutils, unplug the laptop from the monitor, run file system scan.   I can't open dmg files or zip files, and my XCode simulator won't work.   I finally bit the bullet and booted into recovery mode and reinstalled the Big Sur.  I believe to be Beta six or seven.  I am not sure which.

Spotlight crashed again, but at least it had enough of a database to launch all of my applications, though the contacts search still fails.  The simulator in xcode is still excruciatingly slow, but at least I am back and the computer is more usable than before.  I call this a small victory.

I learned yesterday, the text resizing code that I spent a whole night to perfect was utterly unnecessary.   My 20+ lines of code can be replaced by ".minimumScaleFactor(0.01)" modifier.  :-(

Day 27 of 100 Days of Swift.  I have jumped around a bit more.  I looked at the SpriteKit code and several others.

I finished watching project 9 drawing functions and his Starwars talk.  I am hunting around for the best storage options to specify new card packs and think about how to work with different types of cards.    The pace of learning may slow down a bit as work picks up.  I am determined to finish the course and then finish all the quizzes.    


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