Project #2

Day 6(?) of the 100-days of SwiftUI.  I am actually on day 20 of the course since I do multiple days of the learning course in one-day. The first 12 days were just a rehash of what I have already learned. They did clarify a few things and connected some dots for me. I didn't do the challenges. I only realized there are quizzes after I completed project #1 yesterday.

As with the last few weeks, I split my time between learning Swift and other tools, getting familiar with XCode, the blog, the domain management, finding new books, new tutorials on git, Alfred, and fixing macOS Spotlight index issue, finding out the Unix printf shell command.

I hope to have my programming environment all set up soon, so I can spend more than 50% of the time learning SwiftUI instead of getting ready to learn it.

One trick I just learn, Option + Click show the summary documentation for the item under the cursor.  Command + Click show the context menu to Embed in HStack or VStack.  Neat!  Was wondering about that from the WWDC20 videos.  Another 10 minutes wasted on the tool ;-)


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