Nov 21, 2020


As I type the date into the post, I realized today is November 21st. Nearly a quarter-century ago, the eight junior high school students made the faithful trip to the park on a lucky day off from school. Thus began a drama that is unfolding to this date.

It has been eight weeks since my last post. The world seems to have gone mad. Let's start from big to small.

      • There is no life on Venus, likely an observation or math error.
      • Biden won the presidency, but Trump refused to concede
      • COVID-19 case has skyrocketed. The 2nd wave is here.
      • Amanda has been in Remote Learning on the iPads now for 50 school days today.
      • I am finishing up project 14 today; this puts me at day 73 of the 100 days of Swift. 


Day 82: Completing 73 - Project 14, part six

Day 50 of remote learning for Amanda.


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