Living fossil on Earth

Amanda rode her little bike for 2 miles to get to the beach to build a castle for her My Little Pony friends.   On the beach, we discovered the ancient life form that roamed the earth 450 million years ago (long before the dinosaurs -- between 245 and 66 million years ago).   The four miles round trip was great fun and good exercise for the whole family.

In 100 days of Swift, I have completed project 7 - iExpense, project 8 - Moonshot, and project 17 - Flashzilla.  I skipped ahead because I was writing a learning Chinese flashcard game for Amanda.    I quickly completed my initial effort and wrote a second program based on Flashzilla.  Maybe I should have called it PonyExpress.

Two weeks went by really fast.  I fixed a few items around the house.  Amanda seems to be adjusting to the remote learn well.  Tomorrow will be the real test, and let's see how she does on the reading skill assessment.

Fingers crossed.

Completed day 42 and day 86 - 91 of 100 days of swift UI
9 days remote learning completed.  


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