A Week of Homeschooling

Amanda's school is off to a deliberately slow start. She seems to adjusting well and enjoying the attention of both the teacher and this parent. I can't say she learned much about reading or math, but she has mastered the Zoom skill.

As Amanda settles in her new routine, I started my own Swift programming homeschooling. Here is a list of things that I learned in the last few days.

From Coding with Chris

  • Figma, a free graphics design tool to layout the UI
  • Icon8, a web site for free icons, photos, and music.

From Hacking with Swift

  • Completed the Rock, Paper, and Scissors challenge
    • Enums, view extensions, String Interpolation
  • Neuromorphic Design
  • Formatters

From Stack Overflow

  • Swift Playground pages

There are a ton more that I have forgotten at this moment, but it has been a busy week. I have yet to go back to the courses on Linda, Udemy, and books galore to read.


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